Welcome to Harbor Lights #1 Residential Community located in Pittsburg California

New Gate Number

Hello Homeowners, Most of you have programmed the number 925 439 7452 into your phone so you would  know you had a visitor at the gate when they call you from the call box. That number has been changed. The new number is 925-353-6733 Please update this number into your

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COVD -19, Park Closure, and Board meeting in March cancelled

Dear Homeowners, Due to the Corona virus we are closing the Community Park. The Board meeting scheduled in March has also been cancelled. We encourage everyone to adhere to the restrictions given by the Governor and to be vigilante about keeping you and your family safe during this tough time.

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Paradigm Intergration Alarm Monitoring is now

Hello Homeowners, Some of you have inquired about what happened to the alarm monitoring company Paradigm Integration. They have gone out of business and if you have not received either an email or a letter through regular mail , your subscription is now being handled by Hermary’s. Their website is

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The successful operation of our Association depends greatly on volunteers. We have been fortunate to have had wonderful volunteers serving on the Board over the past years. The Annual Meeting of the Membership is coming up on July 2012. There will be three (3) Board of Director positions available as

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