Welcome to Harbor Lights #1 Residential Community located in Pittsburg California

Paradigm Intergration Alarm Monitoring is now

Hello Homeowners, Some of you have inquired about what happened to the alarm monitoring company Paradigm Integration. They have gone out of business and if you have not received either an email or a letter through regular mail , your subscription is now being handled by Hermary’s. Their website is

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Gunshots on Willow Pass Road

In the last month there have been two occasions where gunshots have been heard near our community. The shots were fired from Willow Pass near Rockspray . The first occurrence was 2 weeks ago at around 3:54 am in the morning . The second occurrence was just the other night

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December Newsletter

As we welcome the new year, we wanted to take a quick moment to look retrospectively over last year and identify some common violations. There have been several complaints and consequently violations for a number of items to include; garbage cans being in plain view from common areas, parking against

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The successful operation of our Association depends greatly on volunteers. We have been fortunate to have had wonderful volunteers serving on the Board over the past years. The Annual Meeting of the Membership is coming up on July 2012. There will be three (3) Board of Director positions available as

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