Gunshots on Willow Pass Road

In the last month there have been two occasions where gunshots have been heard near our community.

The shots were fired from Willow Pass near Rockspray .

The first occurrence was 2 weeks ago at around 3:54 am in the morning .

The second occurrence was just the other night around 9:40 pm.

For the first occurrence there were no witnesses however for the second nonoccurence there were witness that gave the police some information.

Per the incident report a car was parked on the side of the road  facing the bridge on Willow pass across from the old Junkyard away from our community.

The police were given a description of the car and the police were told that the suspects were outside of a car that was playing loud music and it appeared they were using the bathroom outside of the car when the shots were fired.

There was no one that either entered  our complex or exited our complex around that time with the description of the car that was given to Pittstburg PD.

For years now the City of Pittsburg had promised to put cameras on that road especially where the road curves as there have not only been gunshots in that area but also car wrecks  but that still has not happened yet.

Please call the police when you hear things like this and if any of you have security cameras in your back yard that face Willow pass , please let us know .


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