June Newsletter

We have heard your frustrations and found the answer. Effective June 1, 2019 Harbor Lights 1 HOA will be under new management. Collaborative Community Management Solutions, LLC is a local company with dedicated Community Engagement Specialists that will work hand and hand with owners and tenants of Harbor Lights to help build a spirit of community and inclusion for all. The mission of CCMS is Building Communities one Association at a Time. You can reach your Community Engagement Manager or specialist at yc@formyhoa.com or support@formyhoa.com. You can also create your on line account for payments and other request by visiting their website at www.formyhoa.com , you must have an email address or phone number on file for accesses, if you don’t already, do not dismay. Just hit “contact us” to send in your information including owner property address and email address.  Additionally, please see the accompanying insert for more information on direct payment options.

CC&R Violations

As a member of this community you are obligated to abide by certain predetermined Rules and Regulations as found in the association’s Governing Documents. Over the last year, we have seen an increase of repeat violations and will be beginning a campaign of strict enforcement of the following CC&R’s. Please see your governing documents (can be found on Harborlights1.com), section VII Use Restrictions for more information. Your compliance to these would be appreciated by your association and your neighbors and will help maintain an aesthetically pleasing community, which in turn keeps real estate values high.

Article VII – Use Restrictions, 7.3 – Vehicle Restrictions & Towing

No trailer, camper, mobile home, commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, or truck having carrying capacity of greater than ½ ton, or van having seating capacity in excess of (8) persons or which is too large to fit within the Owner’s/Resident’s garage, boat, inoperable automobile, or similar equipment shall be permitted to be parked or remain upon any area within the Project. No unregistered or unlicensed motor vehicles shall be operated or parked upon the Project. *The occupants of any one lot shall not have or park more than (5) permitted vehicles within the Project at any one time, (2) in garage, (2) in driveway.

*1 on street with visible guest parking pass. Garages may not be converted to any uses other than the parking of motor vehicles, and for ancillary storage, home utility or shop uses that do not interfere with the parking of at least two automobiles within the garage. The HOA may regulate parking on private streets of the Project, including prohibiting on-street parking on one side of any such private street.

Article VII – Use Restrictions, 7.7 – Animals

No animals of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any Lot or in the Common Area, with the exception of trained dogs used for assistance by visually impaired, hearing impaired or physically handicapped persons, except no more than two (2) usual and ordinary household pets such as dogs or cats provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes, and are kept under reasonable control at all times. No pets shall be allowed in the Common Area except as may be permitted by Rules of the Board. After making a reasonable attempt to notify the Owner, the Association or any Owner may cause any pet found within the Common Area in violation of the Rules of the Board or this Declaration to be removed by the Association (or any Owner) to a pound or animal shelter under the jurisdiction of the City or the County of Contra Costa, by calling the appropriate authorities, whereupon the owner may, upon payment of all expenses connected therewith, repossess the pet. Owners shall prevent their pets from soiling the Common Area and shall promptly clean up any waste left by their pets. Owners shall be fully responsible for any damage caused by their pets.  An owner shall prohibit any animal on his lot from making unreasonably disturbing noises heard from any structure on any other Lot between the hours of 10p to 7a. An Owner/Resident in violation of this section may be deemed to be permitting or causing a serious annoyance or nuisance to any other owner.

Article VII – Use Restrictions, 7.8 – Garbage & Refuse Disposal

All rubbish, trash and garbage shall be regularly removed from the Lots and shall not be allowed to accumulate thereon. Trash, garbage and other waste shall only be kept in sanitary containers. All equipment for the storage or disposal of such materials shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition, and be screened from view of neighboring Lots, Common Areas and streets. No toxic or hazardous materials shall be disposed of within the Project by dumping in the garbage containers or down the drains, or otherwise. Each owner shall be responsible for removal of trash or garbage from his Lot.

Article VII – Use Restrictions, 7.5 – Storage in Common Area

Nothing shall be stored in the Common Area without the prior consent of the Board









ShapeSumer is Upon Us

As summer comes into bloom, we will see and increase of children in the park or playing on the association streets. We ask all residents to be aware of their speed while within the boundaries of the community. There will be zero tolerance for speeding in Harbor Lights 1 by residents or visitors. This is a very serious concern. Vehicles are speeding too fast around corners and throughout the community. Residents, who walk, bike, run or jog throughout the neighborhood, have had close calls with these vehicles. If you witness speeding vehicles, or if you are able to get an address and/or license plate number for the speeding vehicle, please contact CCMS or Forbes Security immediately. You can file a report anonymously. The perpetrator will be cited, and if they are found to be in violation more than once, they may be fined. Visit the CA Dept. of Motor Vehicles website for more information about speed limits and other Laws/Rules of the Road at www.dmv.ca.gov.

 Dumping of Unwanted Items

During our recent Weed Abatement, we were made aware of several trash deposits around the area more specifically behind fences. It appears as if these items were discarded illegally by homeowners or other community members or guest. We ask that this practice cease immediately. It is costly to the association and the environment. Going forward, all items found directly adjacent to a property, will be returned to that property and the homeowner will be cited by the Association. Additionally, a report will be sent to  City of Pittsburg for follow-up.

Basketball hoops

Please be sure to put your basketball hoop up when it is not in use.  It is a violation of the association rules to leave hoops on the street when not in use. Additionally, any hoop placed in a red zone is in direct violation of CA Law and are subject to immediate removal at the expense of the homeowner. Additionally, any fees or fines that are levied against the HOA for these items will be passed on to the individual home ownerShape.

Parking in Red Zones

Parking in stripped Red Zones is illegal and will result in towing regardless of the time of day. These zones were set by the City of Pittsburg to serve Harbor Lights homeowners in case of emergency. When you park in a Red Zone you are putting at risk the safety of everyone that resides within our community. The Board has instructed Security and our towing company to immediately tag and tow any vehicle that is parked in a red zone. If you see vehicles parked in red zones prior to security hours, we urge you to call Arrowhead towing or the City of Pittsburg for immediate action.

Please Pick-up After your

We all love dogs, however, it is your responsibility to clean up after yours. Please pick up your dog’s waste in all common areas. These areas include the park, all front yards and planter areas. Not only is this a courteous thing do to for your neighbors, but it is also a CC&R rule. Anyone caught in violation will be called to a hearing before the Board of Directors and a fine will be imposed to your account. There are doggie waste stations located in the park area, we thank you in advance for using them.

Security Team (Verbal Abuse)

In the past few months the HOA has received reports of residents and their guests verbally abusing the guards stationed at the guard shack. There will be zero tolerance for such disrespectful behavior. Perpetrators have been dealt with and will continually be dealt with. Forbes security is tasked with carrying out the duties as outlined by your Board of Directors, they do not work autonomously, and all rules enforced can be found in your CC&R’s. Should you have a issue or concerning regarding Security, please forward to CCMS for immediate action and resolutions. You will be kept abreast of any actions up to and including suppression of guard from property.

Landscaping – Where are they today?

We have received many calls regarding landscaping and their duties/Days. The information below should help to answer some of those questions but if not, please feel free to reach out to the management company for more info.  Terra care is on site 3 days per week. Monday, Thursday and Friday. If you have specific concerns, please contact CCMS via your online portal, email or phone. Your concern will be assessed, routed to the appropriate board member and dealt with accordingly.

Children playing in Park

While we can all appreciate that this is a gated community and presumed safe, it is still unwise to allow children to play in the park unsupervised. Not only have unsupervised children hurt themselves, they have hurt others as well as association property. Please remember that per our insurance, all minors in the park must be accompanied by an adult. Homeowners or their tenants found to be in violation of this rule will be cited by the HOA and subject to fines. Additionally, all damaged to association common areas by any homeowner, tenant or guest will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner per your associations CC&R’s.

Please forward all correspondence to:

Harbor Lights 1 HOA c/o Collaborative Community Management Solutions

5424 Sunol Blvd. Ste. 10-409

Pleasanton CA 94566


Harbor Lights HOA team,

Manager: yc@formyhoa.com

833.233.5115 ext. 801 or

925.417.5115 (cell)

Escrow Services: Tiffany@formyhoa.com

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