Landscapers Days and Zones during the week

Hello Homeowners,

In the last meeting it was asked what days are the landscapers here and what streets are covered.

Here is the schedule:

As you come into the complex and make a left:

Mondays will be Cape May Drive,Comeabout Circle, Mayport CT, and Rockport CT. Mayport behind the Park will be done on that day as well.

Thursdays will be Chesapeake Drive , Chesapeake CT, Cape May CT , and the houses on Mayport going towards Chesapeake Drive.

Fridays will be Rockspray Circle, the Front Entrance, and the area on Rockport facing the park.

If you have landscaping concerns, please reach out to our new management company and let them know so they can create a work order and we can respond to you as to when your request will be completed.


Harbor Lights #1 HOA



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