August 2020

Gardeners are not Garbage Men5678Lets Stay in that Vein

While we do ask our landscaping crew to pick up trash along the street and in the common area, we do NOT expect them to patrol your front yard and bushes for common household trash. Please pick up your own water bottles and other trash that may have fallen out of your garbage cans or carelessly tossed by your children, or visitors. The only other option is to hire a maintenance person to do what homeowner should do and that would mean an added cost to each member of Harbor lights. So please help to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your community by picking up garbage in front and around your homes. We are all in this together.

Clean up behind perimeter fences

Speaking of trash, a recent clean up was completed on the perimeter of the property where we  found bags of discarded household items, toys and vegetation that had been thrown over the fence into either the wetlands area of the PG&E property that  surrounds our community. Please understand that we do not own the land surrounding out community and as such, The Association can incur fines for items and trash discovered in these areas. To help alleviate the financial hit from effecting everyone, in the future, we will be pass on the cost for clean up to the homes that are directly jacent to the area. It is he goal of the board to correct the behavior and not punish those who do not have access to the area.

Let’s stay in that vein!

We continue to see a rise in the number of garbage cans being stored consistently outside of homes and gates. Please note that 3 violations of this nature will result in and AUTOMATIC FINE OF 100 DOLLARS, this violation is clearly communicated in your CC&R’s.

Please read and be sure to place your garbage bins out of view from the common area, that is in your garage or back yard.

Vendor delays cost us all!

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When vendors are on site, we are typically paying them for a specific service that has been reported and a work order generated or performing monthly maintenance that is specific to our contract.  Over the past few months several homeowners have attempted to engaged and turn the vendors from there intended job to do something on their property. These actions cost each homeowner and must cease.  We ask that when you feel something on your property requires attention, you not approach the vendor that is here for a specific reason but call the management office at 833.233.5115 for help.  We can usually get a work order generated and have your issues addressed within the week.

Hard water and your car

Pecchia Irrigation, LLC | JOHNSTON, RI 02919

We have received several complaints over the summer regarding the sprinklers and water deposits on your vehicles. Please understand the we are at the mercy of Pittsburg Water; we do not filter or otherwise alter the water for landscaping. We are continually working with our irrigation specialist to minimize the over spray however we do live in a windy area and we are not always able to anticipate exactly which way the wind blows. Several of our homeowners have decided that covering their vehicles is easier than fighting with the water- spots daily.



All violation hearings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month in the association park. The hearings will begin at 4:30 pm and will proceed on a first come first serve basis. Each hearing will last approximately 10 to 15 minutes so please come prepared with any inf you would like the board to consider. Once you have stated your case, the board will meet to discuss, and you will receive a letter communicate your hearing results.  If received a hearing notice, you will be able to walk in between 4:30 ad 5:30 to be heard. September 8 2020, the board will hold hearings for any violation issued in August.

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