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New Exit side Spikes Installed

Happy Easter Harbor Lights#1 Residents, New Spikes for the Community have been installed. They are located at the exit gate. Thank you all for your patience as we had only one entrance in and out of the community as we completed the Project. Please approach the gate slowly as you

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Please Clean Up after your dogs in the Park

Hello Homeowners, We are asking if you walk your dog by the park, please carry a waste bag in case they poop. Our park is now getting to the point that this becoming a health issue. We  have had multiple reports of children either falling in dog poop and in

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Update on Mailbox Theft in Community

Hello Homeowners, The last week has been extremely hard for this community as we have had more mailbox theft in this year than any year since this community was built. We have been asking you to be more vigilante about picking up your mail and packages as this community has

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Important Homeowners updates and 2020 in review

Happy Holidays to the Harbor Lights 1 Community. 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone but we look forward to hopefully getting back to a sense of normalcy in 2021.The Board wanted to take this time to reflect upon 2020 and also talk about upcoming changes in 2021. The pandemic

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Mailbox Thefts

Hello Homeowners, It has been brought to our attention that there has been mailbox theft in the community. We know that recently mail was stolen from boxes around 4:25 am when the security guards are gone. Please lock your cars and pick up your mail from your box promptly. Some

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Coyote spotted inside Harbor Lights#1

Hello Homeowners, A coyote has been spotted at the back of the community close to Rockspray Circle. We have residents in that area that are missing cats . We have called Vector to have them come out to resolve this situation, please take extra precaution with your small pets. Thanks

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Homeowners Meeting Tomorrow 9/19/2020

Just a reminder that tomorrow’s HOA Meeting will be held at the Park at 10:30 am . We will be practicing social distancing and mask are required Thanks HB1 Board of Directors

House Painting

Hello Homeowners, Some of you have inquired about house painters and we wanted to give you a name of a very good house painter in your community. If you want to check out his work you can drive by 966 Cape May Drive. If you want to contact him, please

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Rattlesnake Alert

Hello Homeowners, As the weather has gotten really warm, all over Contra Costa county we are hearing more and more reports of rattlesnake sightings. As recently as yesterday a pretty nice size rattle snake was spotted by road workers on Willow Pass Road that appeared to have come from the

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August 2020

Gardeners are not Garbage Men5678Lets Stay in that Vein While we do ask our landscaping crew to pick up trash along the street and in the common area, we do NOT expect them to patrol your front yard and bushes for common household trash. Please pick up your own water

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