1.) Q: How do I a get a remote to open the gate?

A: Homeowners can call our Management office to purchase a remote. They are $25.00 per remote.

2.) Q: How do I pay my HOA dues?

A: For online payments, visit www.gc-mgmt.com and click “Click Here to Pay Online”. Use Management Company ID 7366, Association ID HAR1, and your 10-digit account number on your billing statement.

To mail in your payments, you can send in a check along with your billing statement coupon. Make sure the check is payable to “Harbor Lights HOA” and has your 10-digit account number written on it. Mail the payment to the following address:

Harbor Lights 1 HOA
c/o GCMS Processing Center
PO Box 95456
Las Vegas, NV 89193-5456

3.) Q: What do I do if I want to change exterior paint colors, add a Jacuzzi or add cement to my backyard?

A: Go to the Document section and fill out the Architecture Design Document

4.) Q: How late are parties permitted in the complex?

A: Parties are allowed up until 10:00 pm, however if a party gets out of hand, our security will ask the homeowner to end the party. If you are having a lot of guests, you can request a temporary gate code for your party. The code will expire at 10:00 pm the Night of the Party.

5.) Q: Who paints my front gate?

A: Homeowners are responsible for painting their own front fences.

6.) Q: What are the community park hours?

A: The park is available from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm or Sunset PST (whichever is earlier). Homeowners and guest are not allowed in the park after dark. If you are in the park after sundown, security will ask you to leave the first time. The police will be called after your first warning from security.

7.) Q: How can I use the RV Lot?

A: If you are current on your dues and a space is available, you can park your Boat or RV for free. Please go to the Document Section for an application.

8.) Q: What should I do if I see unsafe or illegal acts?

A: Please call our security team at 925-536-5018. If the situation is serious, call 911.

9.) Q: Are there assigned parking spaces in the community?

A: No, each home is allowed up to 4 Cars; 2 Cars in their garage and 2 in their driveway. Street Parking is for guests that visit the complex. No homeowner has an assigned space in front of their homes.

10.) Q: Can garages be used as an extra room?

A: No, the garages are for your cars, if you are found to be using your garage for a room and are parking 4 Cars on the streets, you will be cited and fined.

11.) Q: Where can I find the approved exterior paint colors for my house?

A: Please visit the Documents page to view our Approved Exterior Paint Color Schemes. Paint can be purchased from Kelly-Moore Paints. If you’d like to change your existing paint colors to another color, you must fill out an Architectural Change Form and send it to the property management company for HOA Board approval. Renters must have their landlord send in the change for approval.