Please Clean Up after your dogs in the Park

Hello Homeowners,

We are asking if you walk your dog by the park, please carry a waste bag in case they poop.

Our park is now getting to the point that this becoming a health issue.

We  have had multiple reports of children either falling in dog poop and in one case a small child consuming dog poop.

When we review the cameras we have several repeat offenders that the HOA will deal with.

Most commonly we see young adults walking a dog but just watching as their dog poop either in the grass or on the sidewalk.

We do not want to close the park to people with dogs so we are asking all dog owners to be responsible and considerate of others.

95% of you that have dogs are very responsible and  clean up after your pet,  it is the small percentage that don’t that makes this a very challenging issue.

Please Please clean up after your dog.

Thank you

Harbor Light#1 HOA


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