Suspicious Activity
We would like to remind all residents that whenever you see a suspicious person or vehicle in the community:

Contact our security vendor, Forbes Security at (925) 536-5018

Also do not hesitate to call the Pittsburg Police Department at the non-emergency phone number 24 hour Dispatch (925) 646-2441.
By working together and reporting suspicious behavior, we can prevent vandalism and other unacceptable behavior.

Other Important Contra Costa Emergency Phone Numbers:
TEL-A-COP HOTLINE (Anonymous Tip Line) (925) 427-7369
GRAFFITTI HOTLINE – (925) 252-4936
CODE ENFORCEMENT (925) 252-4010

Police/Medical Emergencies or In-Progress Crimes 911
If you dial 911 on your cell phone you will reach the California Highway Patrol, there could be a long delay before you receive the correct help.