Update on Mailbox Theft in Community

Hello Homeowners,

The last week has been extremely hard for this community as we have had more mailbox theft in this year than any year since this community was built.

We have been asking you to be more vigilante about picking up your mail and packages as this community has been hit with multiple theft  multiple times in the day.

In the last 72 hours we have taken different approaches to keep this from happening.

The first night we increased patrols and we caught one individual and he was picked up by the police.

On the same night a different set of individuals came in to commit mail and package theft.

They were able to get to about 8 mail boxes before being spotted and once they were spotted they threw all the mail out of the windows and left.

You should know that these thieves discard the mail  when confronted because they understand if they are caught with the mail its a felony.

You should also know that even with having evidence that these people do not belong here ,because they dropped the mail,  the police would not go after them.

We extended  security on sight for a few extra hours only to have mail theft happen yesterday during broad daylight once security was gone. (These thieves are watching and we think have inside help)

Yesterday one of the homeowners that lost a package had a ring device that showed the vehicle that stole their package.

We are able to give a pic of the vehicle with the license plate to this homeowner and we hope this will help the homeowner with getting justice through the police.

I mention this to say if you are not going to pick up your mail or packages in a timely fashion, having some form of security helps in these types of situations.

The police will take the case if you have video  to help them find the people responsible.

We are asking all of you again to please, please, please pick up your mail and packages in a timely fashion.

It is sad for us to hear someones toys or medicine was taken, it really puts a damper on the holidays.

As always continue to report issues as they happen and Happy Holidays

Harbor Lights#1 HOA


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